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My Sharing Love and Prayers Friends


Paula so happy you are back enjoy your scriptures

naresh email me

Bea miss all

Smoh so sad you never came back
if you see this email me

Sue (grace_2u2) & Katherine O & Kathern A

Angela so glad that you can pop in sometimes
gave you a new bear LOL

Tammy (angelonwings) you are not around
enough to be a bear

Cl Precia gone but not forgetten

  Sharing Love & Prayers is NO POSTING anymore READ ONLY!!!!
All it took to be on my web
site was to become a prayer
warrior and you will be a bear too.

The rest of the gang from SLP joined in 

Life presents each of us with many challenges. Prayer and meditation can help provide solace and inspiration as we face these struggles. Whether you're in need of spiritual solace, or have strength to offer others, join us here as we lift our voices to ask for help facing the difficulties life presents us with.

Please vote for Angels that Care, thank you

Welcome Jan to SLP

Amy we miss you

Sarahjay hope to see more of you

BJ aka Beu

Jonapa & sis
bears made by Icedream

some bears made by Icedream

next page

if you find a bad link email me @

your almost a bear pix below


SuzyQ has many pages on my web sites

PJ hope that you don't mind helping


Sandy you've been here a while too

some bears found here

Get your bears at Tube Territory

It's my party and I cry if I want to.
Sharing Love & Prayers is READ ONLY no posting

Sharon, aka Collman glad U found a home

SuzyL think U have a great sense of humor?

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