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Information about Mr. Charles York who lived in Cedar, B.C.


Charles York was born Feb. 1829 in Yorkshire, England.

From the Nanaimo historical archives. Charles York and James Gordon were among the early settlers. J. Gordon came from Lanarkshire, Scotland

and Charles York from Yorkshire, England crossed the Isthmus of Panama. First lived in Ohio in 1848

and later in the gold rush to California in 1849. There he met Charles York . They both explored for gold

and later joined the gold rush to the Cariboo, joined it in 1859. They afterwards returned to California

and came to Nanaimo in 1862.

Not long afterwards, they, as

partners, took up a large

acreage in Cranberry and Nanaimo Districts, living on the highway on the York Estate until 1880 when

Gordon moved to where his family now live. The most of the York Estate passed into other hands.

Charles York donated the land for the cemetery Cedar Anglican church where he is buried.

It is said that he also donated the land for the school in Cedar. 


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CHARLES YORK (born Feb., 1829 - died Jan. 12, 1892)

Parents Charles York and Annie Dickeuceer (maybe)

Barnsley, Yorkshire.


Lived common law with Sarah on the census of 1881,

it said that she was an Indian woman named Sarah and had children:


SAM YORK (born 06 16 1870)

died 19 October 1929

in Vancouver Regional Hospital.


Married Martha Jane Lees 9

September 1902 in Cedar Anglican Church.  Martha Jean York died

25 March 1945.


Daughter Agnes May Raines

Daughter Enid Rostal

Son Charles Nelson


WENT Wesley YORK (born 22 05 1872) d 11 November 1909 Cumberland, B.C. Bachelor


NELSON YORK (born 01 10 1874) died March 8, 1940.

Nelsons wife- Elizabeth (or aunt Lizzie) may have died 1969.


AMOS YORK (born 03 08 1876)

d January 23, 1950 in Victoria,  B.C.

wife Myra Ann Yarwood married

May 9, 1912.  It says Stively (not sure where this is) as residence.


MAY YORK (born 12 19 1877)


WILLIE YORK (born 11 06 1879)


After Sarah died, Charles York then married Mary Jane Curran & the marriage certificate says 1885.

Later they divorced.


(Salie or Cecille in the will) .

common-law wife SALIE (or Cecelia) died Feb. 15, 1882.


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WILLIE YORK (born Nov. 6, 1879) unknown


CHARLIE YORK (born Jan. 7, 1882)


She was my great grandmother who married.


MAY (or MAE) YORK married Charles Eagle Smith;

17 November 1904 in Victoria, B.C.  May died 26 November 1940 in Nanaimo, B.C.


Charles "Eagle"  born around 1871.  He died 1953 in Nanaimo, B.C. Charles was born to James & Amy Smith, St. John, N. B.




Charles Allan Smith born June 20, 1905 to Dec. 4, 1963. (not positive) He was not married & no children. 


Hazel YORK born June 30, 1907 died Sept. 19, 1977, died of stroke.


NAN or Elsie Born 1912 (Smith) Raines married to Bill Raines & had Billie Raines Nan died in 1936.

Young Billy died at Harmac in 1963. Bill 1981.


Mabel Gordon (Smith) born Aug. 1, 1916. died November 1993 in Nanaimo BC.


Married to James Ross Waring who died in mining accident in 1940. They had a son Ross.


Mabel was Married to Hollis Sanford & had 2

children still living


Myrna (Smith) born in on March 20, 1910 Nanaimo, B.C. married ??

Pollack in Nanaimo, B.C. to ?? Pollack on ?? in ??


if you have any information about anyone here please

email me.


b Sept 9, 1913 (later of Hilliers, B.C.) d 1987

in Hilliers.  Married Dec. 13, 1924 in Nanaimo, B.C.


Children of Hazel and Dave were:


Daughter Iris born 18, Aug. 1925; Died March 7, 2005


CHARLES (Chuck) David McMILLAN (born July 30,
) died.30/05/1981 married to Marjorie no children.

Marjorie died: 1995 I believe.


Son unknown (born Sept. 19, 1927)


ALLAN "CROBY" McMILLAN (born 1930 died 1986)

Married Marilyn Fleming born October 14, 1953.Calif. USA

December 9, 1937.  Died December 9, 2002, buried in

Nanaimo City Cemetery.. they  had 3 children.


Another son still living in B. C. CANADA (March 15, 1947)


Salie, Cecille or Sarah was said to be either a Wesley or Good from the

Salish tribe in Nanaimo.


I Would like to hear from anyone who knows anything.

much more found email me for it.

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