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This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.

This is us on Sunday May 14, 2006

Marie Hugbearu2 is slow, in construction.  Hoping to add some slowly when I can. 
Take a look around, use the
links to find some of my friends and
make sure to send cards to your friends
from my post office.
Please sign my guest book will be
looking forward to messages from you.

I missed the mountains when we were away

Born in British Columbia Canada,lived there went to grade school, Jr. High, Sr. High and Malaspina College business courses. Married first time to a taxi cab driver/owner. He died in a car accident Christmas day 1972.
I had one child a beautiful girl. Then met and married my present husband, a Wonderful Husband, 1977. Now have a dear son and dear daughter, whom we love dearly.
Pretty Brown eyed reddish auburn today, was greyish brown yesterday <grin>
Diabetic since 31 years old, 4 heart attacks, 3 strokes thankful that Jehovah has more plans for me.
Loved being a bank teller now enjoy playing with web building and helping others.

almost my home ***giggle****

Marie was a leader at SLP for 6 years.  Me: 5'5" now reddish brown hair, brown eyes 59 years old
disabled due to a bank hold up in 1986 but trying to get better.
Now the owner of 5 web sites & assistant manager at H&A & ALTTP.
my family: Wonderful supporting hubby & two children 1 girl, 1 boy- they are a little older now and look loads different but still beary cute.

my children look a lot different now


Me relaxing at my web sites Welcome Home, 2, 3 and my mom's site come look

Missing children, hugs, Ancestry, Bears of all sorts, Sharing Love & Prayers, cards now at A Look to the Past & Hugs & Angels still belong to Angels that Care Web Ring.

my work: Playing at learning computer. thinking and praying for SLP friends. Looking up my Ancestry & doing PSP for fun.

music I like 50's, 60's

my favorite ...
song: Coat of Many colors & I believe or inspirational music to sooth a person. Plus all 50's and 60's music.

movie: My favorite has to be Orcha the whale. Family Matters.
Don't have too much time for them.

My Favorite book: The bible


tv show: Some times ER, no time for TV.

food: Probably chicken dishes, perogies and strawberry shortcake.
my heroes: God & Jesus Christ.


or strawberries right out of the garden mmmmmmmmm


how I spend my free time: On the computer, or doing research into my own family's ancestry (Smith/York inparticular) Building and adding to Welcome Home sites & marie hugbearu2 my mom memorial site & recipe site.

someday I would like to: See my friends I have met on SLP, Angels that Care Hugs & Angels & A look to the past.

Sharing Love & Prayers (read only now)

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had my hair done to be like when a teen

and dressed up for my meeting

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