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Amber alert
   Join Amber Alerts    
 MSN Groups


Jehovah Witness site

Unbound Bible


Animation Library

more animations

Help B. C. Canada help children

Vote to help with breast cancer

Please click here to provide for free mammograms for underprivileged woman

Save Pets in need click to help button to support all animals

Please Click here once a day and feed an animal in need in USA

click to feed the hungry

See lots of BC press BC photos then go on


Sandy's bears

Bears used on my site

More cards and bears

Cards & Bears I use them

Samantha's dolls & bears

Lots of bears to see

See what Teddy Bear you are.


Learn html:

Hugs LOL

Hoax and Virus Checks

From free of charge PC basis protection to complete internet protection

A great free antivirus program

best one to check for hoaxes

Hoax and Virus Checks

free check of your computer

Health issues

Grey ribbon campaign for diabetes:

Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue

about immune support

an article on FM

more about FM

Boards at I-village I go to:

Please click here once a day and feed an animal in need in UK

Sharing Love & Prayers is read only now

Cl-Milady Lupus Board

British Columbia good for those who live there or are going there.

Diabetes many helpful ideas

Learn about fish

Fisheries Canada

Vancouver aquarium

Knowledge channel

Learn about fish

Ancestry sites


Pic a Geneology group

A Look to the Past

Celtic Origins

Visit some friends places

Orca about blinkies

orca glitter

Orca's new tags

more Orca


Nurse Deb

Llarrissa Smith, are we related?

Aunt Linda

Diana Reed

Sharon and English Mastiffs.com

See the new litters


"Hans" Erich Myors, (Rev. Johannes) - Pedal Prayers Ministry

friends on-line



Kio from South Africa

My friend Angela's Home

^j^ or my Angela

Chad Howling at the Moon

Coco luv Elvis pages & the music

more Coco

Dinos' WebTv Coffee Cafe

Maria aka SassyWorld


Maretta said Knock on the Door and Enter with a Happy Heart and a Smile on your Face!

if you find a bad link email me @

And a few more helpful links:

Join us at Hugs & angels MSN

Right Click Computer Repair

Go to Tripod and make your own web site

What is copyright

Web Shots my favorite cards

Web Shot Candle of Peace

A site I like to look at every day: cnn.com

Sanity test

More help with abused

Help us to STOP Abuse

My friends sent me this and need to share

Suicide Help

Quilts of Love


BC child find

Missing children

Canada child search

amber stick

stop child abuse

Knights of Kindness a little of everything



and Gavin Lane

Women of strength

more adoptions

Val's stationery tags & more

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