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Fibromyalgia Information-support groups

My friend Icedream has so much help check it out

my friend Helen has so much information you will love it there

Fibromyalga, my story
I was diagnosed in 1995 because I couldn't sleep and was in pain 24 hours of a day, not just in one place but in many parts of my body.
It had got to the point where I couldn't think clearly because lack of sleep, up till then I put it down to all thc other health problems but my Dr. sent me to a neurologist. That was an experience that I would not want to go through again. He hit his little hammer thing all over, then proceeded to tell me it was all in my head. Go see my own Dr. for the results. A week later my Dr.'s appointment went to with dread, thought he was going to tell me I was a hypochondriac, but to my pleasure he said that I was a victim of FM. It can be caused by a traumatic event such as an accident or in my case the bank hold-up.
The FM must lie dormant in people and when triggered it effects up to 17 points in your body. Wonderful pain other things like depression go along with this disease. Up till recently they knew nothing about it told us we were cry babies what it is the nerve ending scream at us.
Sometimes when lack of sleep happens we get what I call FMF Fibromyalga fog, you can be a danger to yourself and the family. I found, myself if I prepare for these flares have food already made in the freezer for my husband to cook it makes it much easier to live. Having an understanding WH is a key to being able to live well also. The Dr.'s can give anti-depression medicines to also help, if you can get back to sleeping properly the flare goes away. Mine is brought on by highs and lows in the weather. If you watch out not to take in too much nitrates like in colas it also helps that you do not make like a glue that comes on eye glasses.
What helps you is light exercise if you use one side of the body make sure to do the opposite, for some reason you need balance in your life. My case I use Amytrepoline for depression but it also helps to let me sleep. If I sleep I feel I can handle anything. Perhaps a nap in the afternoon would be good to if you can do it. I try not to use pain medication like Tylenol 3 unless it is just before bed. During the day if I really need to I use extra strength Tylenol. What I personally found this last year helps me enormously is a thing called MSM, they say to use Glucosymide with it but it bothers my blood sugars so just use MSM it has made my life 75% better than before.
Last but not least is having your family and friends understanding, talk to them let the know what you are feeling. Go to a place like I-village FM Board, meet others get to know your disease. If you know that you are not the only one out there it helps enormously. Oh yeah do not dwell on it try to keep busy and the pain does go away. My special thing is to share at Sharing Love and Prayers if busy my brain doesn't have time to make the pain live my life for me.
Now that SLP is gone I make web sites.  LOL

All about Fibromyalga

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